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Body - Sound Explained

..What is a Body – Sound? This term refers to the system of work with sound through the sound bowls and other instruments. Primarily it is the sound and vibrations of the instrument positioned with skill and care on and around the dressed body. The Body – Sound system may be used for self-treatment as […]

Body - Sound Basic

Living in Harmony – mindfulness training with sound Introduction to the Body-Sound Programme *** Have you ever wondered about the singing bowls, perhaps bought one in your trips to exotic lands, or were gifted one recently?  Have you walked past the stall in the markets, liked the look of them and wondered what would one […]

Body - Sound Intermediate

Intermediate – Fundamental  application in partner exercises ***  This module is primarily devoted to learning about and experiencing sound therapy in partner support setting.  Building on learning from the prerequisite module, you will receive specific suggestions on how you can use the singing bowls and the sound for work with a partner. To us the […]

Body - Sound Advanced

***  The aim of this workshop is: to expand on what we learned previously, to learn new sound units for design of a diverse sound experience and mindful use to train the sensitivity to energetic connections, to refine the perception and to emphasise the awareness and appreciation for this topic and to promote its importance […]

Body - Sound Professional

The aim is for the participants to achieve competency in client-oriented application of Sound in health support. We expand your practitioner tool box by more sound units and show you the order by which to integrate those into the treatment to experience their effect in a holistic sense. The needs and problems of the clients are […]

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