Our courses

Sound Massage 0

Relaxation with Singing Bowls – introduction to Peter Hess method This workshop is a popular option, something good to do yourself and at the same time learn about the world of singing bowls and the sound massage. The 4-hour introductory workshop will take place in many regions of Australia, saving you time-consuming travel. Under the […]

Sound Massage 1

This seminar is primarily devoted to learning about and experiencing basics of the Peter Hess method. You will receive concrete suggestions on how you can use the singing bowls and the sound massage for yourself, your family and friends. You will not only learn something new but also relax and recharge your batteries for your […]

Sound Massage 2

From relaxation to the new order The aim of this seminar is to expand possibilities of the basic sound massage, to learn new sound elements for design of a diverse sound massage experience and mindful use to train the sensitivity to energetic connections, to refine the perception and to emphasise the awareness and appreciation for […]

Sound Massage 3&4

The aim is for the participants to achieve competency in secure, targeted and client-oriented application of sound massage for relaxation and health prevention. The needs and problems of the clients are taken into consideration in a custom sound massage. New sound elements are learned, integrated into the basic sound massage and experience their effect in […]

Sound Massage 5

This workshop concludes the Practitioner training Your own practical experience and that of the other participants are reflected in this seminar. This is again a final assurance in giving sound massage. Special attention during the final seminar is given to the training of professional self-image as Peter Hess-Sound Massage Practitioner. The demarcation of clients is […]

Sound Massage 6

This further education, master class seminar is aimed at the Peter Hess-sound massage practitioners with little practical experience and for those already trained and practicing, who want to revisit have more time in order to broaden what they have learned previously. Who wouldn’t like to give first-class, versatile sound massage, which he or she is good […]

Sound Massage Intensive

With the Intensive Training we endeavour to meet the needs of those interested people who have far to travel or for any other reason find it difficult to participate in the individual workshops. Our experience with this compact form of training has shown us that this form allows for a particularly effective learning. The course […]

Further Education

The further education seminars are open to all those wanting to experience the Peter Hess sound massage and its application in a variety of areas and professional fields. They are dedicated to individuals interested in sound as well as to teams and institutions.