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The Sound Massage is a treatment of subtle vibrations coming from the metal singing bowls and gongs applied to the body in a direct way (placed on a dressed body) or indirectly (auric field). As a result of that treatment, inner harmony and balance is restored through deep relaxation process and brain synchronisation. According to […]


Sound Massage Since 2010 Maranta Sound Academy offers training seminars in the Sound Therapy. In a safe and relaxed framework our students have opportunity to get to know the method and to expand on what they have learned. The seminars are conducted by Maranta’s Alex and Janusz, and take place in selected venues across Australia. […]

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Peter Hess singing bowls are carefully checked and then classified into different categories according to quality. Similar to other musical instruments you can distinguish between for example a concert guitar (PeterHess®Therapy Singing Bowl), a guitar for college students (Himalaya Quality), a guitar for high school students (Tingri Quality), or a simple guitar (Bazaar Singing Bowls).


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